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Why To Chose Printed Phone Case Over Fancy Covers


In today’s world, the fashion in the Philippines is moving at a fast pace. Thanks to the blooming printing services in the Philippines, new trendy stuff are coming from time to time. However, not every one of them is helpful or even feasible to keep clutching onto. For example, the new bunny phone case is becoming a viral sensation and many folks are opting for the same.

Before you fall for the cuteness and jolly aesthetic of the same and place your order online (or offline) think twice carefully. The bunny phone case or other similar fluffy products look appealing to buy, but after a week or two, the material starts to lose its aesthetic and become very difficult to deal with.

Apart from getting dirty quit easily, it does occupy larger space, which means you cannot keep it in your pocket or in small handbags. Also, it would look quite unprofessional in the workplace. The heat generated by the phone battery must be able to emit and released smoothly, having a fluffy and warm phone case, interfere with this function. Over a long period of time, it caused discrete heat emission and may cause damage to the battery and ultimately to the phone.

Problems like these are often overlooked while getting these fancy items.

So, what is the ideal solution for the same? Obviously going for the printed phone cases. Not only a printed phone case looks trendy, it provides additional protection to the phone and being basic in shape, it does not interfere with any function of the cellphone. You can get either the readily available phone cases offered by the printing services in Philippines or you can get one specially customized as per your own need.

If you have the unique taste in making a special cell phone cover, you can always buy a phone case printing machine from DIY Printing. We, at DIY printing, provides the printing kit, which is easy to operate and convenient to make a phone case for both personal and professional use.

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