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Why T-Shirts Wins The Battle Against Shirts


When it comes to finding suitable attire, the competition between t-shirts and shirts is quite challenging. Each of them has their own unique features that make it appropriate for several occasions. But let’s see which one clearly wins the battle. First let’s start with shirts, of course, the Men in Black looks breathtaking in shirts and in case they switch to tees, it would look like they are on a break.

But on the other hand, t-shirts offer a more casual look that you can’t get from the shirts and neither you can get t-shirt printing machines to get fancy prints on a shirt.

Let’s compare them both as per several parameters, one by one

1. Which Is More Comfortable To Wear

Shirts will not prick your body upon wearing them, but let’s be honest, a t-shirt is a much more comfortable option. Moreover, it is also convenient and less item consuming to wear as compared to formal shirts. Mostly because you can put it on even with little or no visual, and you don’t even need to worry about the perfect alignment of each button to its respective place.

2. Which Is More Stylish

Judging its looks is kind of tricky, as the nature of surroundings plays as a decisive factor for the same. In case you are looking for a corporate event or a job interview, the shirts is the winner. But if you are looking for a casual wear or any trips, the Tees does a much better job. Moreover, the shirts are often available with limited choices and Tees, on the other hand, are available in a much more diversified range of colors, materials, and patterns.

3. Which One Can You Get Customized

Customization is a feature by which you can get any of your attire personalized as per your preference. Getting fancy pics and quotes are quite trendy these days. Needless to say, its scope is limited to Tees only, as the t-shirts printing machine lets you get them. Getting them on shits is both impractical and unsuitable.

4. Which Is More Budget Friendly

Formals shirts often come in a higher price range. The tees, however, comes a diversified price range. You can get them in the pocket-friendly budget and also in higher range if that’s what suits you.

As you can clearly see Tees is a clear winner of this tough competitions. Wear your Tees with proud and style.

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