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T-shirt printing machine, Heat transfer technology

The free T-shirt printing machine, Heat transfer, heat transfer was first circulated in the United States, Western Europe area open to the past two years in the country gradually become well known. Heat transfer as it is not so much a cool word, mainly because some famous slogan, character, and later gradually developed into a lively variety of patterns.

With economic development, social progress, the younger generation increasingly advertised personality, coupled with the development of related software development of computer technology, these freedom heat transfer industry, it undoubtedly is even more powerful. T-shirt printing machine, Heat transfer apparel in Europe and now has swept shape, become fashionable casual wear. Because of its simple printing process, easy to operate, easy to get the necessary materials and eco-friendly, and because silver is widely on a variety of substrates, such as knitted T -shirts, shoes, backpacks, all kinds of nylon caps. Available heat transfer machine transfer to the fabric can be using for industrial, home.

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T-shirt printing machine, Heat transfer can be sorted into

  1. foam heat transfer,
  2. Offset heat transfer,
  3. Heat transfer infiltration,
  4. Colorful holographic heat transfer glittered
  5. Laser heat transfer,
  6. Flocking, glow in the dark
  7. Reflective heat transfer,
  8. Gold and silver design and other
  9. sublimation transfer