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How To Make Your T-shirt Business A Success

T-shirt heat press machine

As the price of modern technology continues to fall, aspiring designers are finding it increasingly possible to start a small start-up business of custom-designed printed T-shirts. Whether it’s a downturn or a galloping inflation, a fashion-based business like this would survive regardless of the situation of the economy. So, the printing services in the Philippines which include a T-shirt heat press machine plays a pivotal role in making the career of today’s youth.

Several methods of T-shirt printing are possible as you evaluate your business strategy. Each has it’s benefits and preferred for certain circumstances. What’s crucial is choosing the right printing method.

Arguably, the most popular choice for small businesses is Heat Transfer Printing. The process involves the transfer of heat to press an existing photo or design onto fabric. Although it’s certainly not as lasting as other methods, transfer printing is great for small quantities and is much faster than screen printing. Heat transfer provides a smooth feel to the fabric when it is produced. The difference in texture is certainly noticeable, but it also tends to crack more often. The machinery required is relatively small and a good option for small scale production. The restriction of pressing on to colored garments is one of the most important things to remember with transfer printing.

Generally, most forms of transfer printing focus on white t-shirts. This is due to the problems which arise when trying to press certain colors onto darker garments.

Focused primarily on offering support for color layering, vinyl pressing is one of those options which allow designers to use multiple colors and produce high-quality final prints. The process is centered on garment embellishment. To use it a vinyl cutter is required which allows you to cut out a logo or design from a specific sheet. Usual heat transfer means are used to press the design.

Sublimation is used typically to print onto light-colored synthetic surfaces. It’s the process of turning ink directly into gas under heating, and this makes for a relatively improved output as compared to traditional heat transfer printing.

A systematic and organized business plan if followed, without any exceptions, custom T-shirt printing is a profitable business. But, creativity, ability to foresee trends and extensive hard work needs to be put at the right place for the business to be profitable. It is necessary to make a business plan and know the technology well before starting the clothing line business.

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