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Cool T-shirts For Every TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) Lover From DIY Printing

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Say Bazzinga! This word requires no introduction to TBBT fans. Nobody can ever forget the mighty and socially eccentric Sheldon Cooper and his best friend, Leonard Hofstadter, the only person who can put up with Sheldon’s shenanigans and Penny, the attractive blonde, also their neighbor that stays in every character’s minds except Sheldon. Howard Wolowitz, the mama’s boy and Rajesh Koothrapalli, suffering from selective mutism when it comes to converse with the opposite sex unrelated to him.

TBBT has a huge fanbase which proves that people seem to love this American sitcom projecting the life of science guys filled with Sheldon’s lack of social skills and their own inadequacies. You can see these die-hard fans wearing customized t-shirts that they get from the heat press printing business.

No matter how much geeky they might sound to few people, they are the coolest scientists we have ever seen on this planet. Let’s remember the cast with these cool t-shirts and choose your picks to show some love to the TBBT squad: you can easily get these all thanks to the printing services providers in the Philippines.

Printing Services PhilippinesBazinga! It was a joke. We all remember the word “Bazzinga”, that is, of course, Sheldon’s coinage. The word that he uses when he carries out an intellectual prank on his friends. So, Sheldon fans, give this t-shirt a place in your wardrobe.

Printing Services Philippines

Sheldon’s favourite pestering method for Penny: Knock, knock, Penny! Now, even you can have the same customized t-shirt for yourself and also for your loved ones.

“You’re sitting on my spot”! We don’t sit on Sheldon’s spot! The t-shirt for every person who believes in designated spots.

We all remember Howard’s tagline, “Engineers do it with precision”. If you agree with Howard, do purchase this particular t-shirt.

Sing “Soft Kitty” to me! Buy this t-shirt if you too love this cradle song sung by Sheldon’s mom.

“I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”. Sheldon says that n number of times to convince that he is absolutely normal.

For every train lover like Sheldon, wear this latest t-shirt to show your love for trains.

“And it all started with a big bang”! Every TBBT fan remembers the beginning song of the show by heart. Don’t wait for long and grab this t-shirt to exhibit that you belong to the TBBT gang.

Sheldon does not disappoint in surprising us with his freakish behavior. Shout out to all women who want to be a part of his “Council of ladies” by wearing this t-shirt.

“What up, moon pie”? Penny, the only person who dares to mess with Sheldon, to which Sheldon replies, “No one calls me moon pie but mee-maw”. Wouldn’t you want to get hold of this t-shirt to support Sheldon?

Wear the face of three Ph.D. holders: Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Dr. Leonard Hofstader, Dr. Rajesh Koothrapalli, and Mister Howard Wolwowitz.

Wanna follow Sheldon’s daily routine in your life? This t-shirt will help in fulfilling your wish to be as punctual and disciplined as Sheldon.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these TBBT themed t-shirts at Printing services in Philippines now.


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