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Be Our Dealer of Digital Printing Supplies

Be Our Dealer of Digital Printing Supplies

DIY Printing is a supplier of digital printing needs in the Philippines. We offer a variety of products such as plain T-shirt, vinyl transfer film, specialty ink, transfer paper, laminating film and many more. You can be the dealer of our very own i-Tech product and we will be your partner in growth. We would give special price exclusive for our dealers.

i-Tech Transfer paper is a thin piece of paper coated with wax and pigment. Often, an ink-jet or other printer is used to print the image on the transfer paper. A heat press can transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, or other surfaces. Transfer paper is used in creating iron-on.

i-Tech Printable Vinyl Sticker is made of high-quality vinyl sticker material. Fully waterproof and tough durability. Excellence in color perspective, detailed and sharp presentation vivid color. It is made for inkjet printers and can use specialty ink like pigment ink without needing photo top.

i-Tech Inkjet Sublimation Paper is used as a transfer paper. It’s a good quality of sublimation paper that gives excellent output. Transfer paper for garment, ceramic, plastic and any other sublimated materials. Quick-drying and proper paper deformation. Long-lasting, colorful and producing a high color image after printing.

i-Tech PVC Laminating Sheet has a good hardness. It is a very high chemical and moisture. Producing excellent forming characteristics and good dimensional stability. Flat, smooth and bright card-face, excellent laminated and firm body card which is suitable for a variety of cards like IDs, gift cards, and many more.

Sinergy Pigment ink powered by i-Tech is generally better-suited to printing on slicker surfaces, such as transparencies and stickers. They are also a little more expensive to produce and their colors are not near as brilliant as with dyes.

Pramier Sublimation Ink powered by i-Tech. It is used for Dye-sublimation printing which is a unique coloration process to print on synthetic fabrics like polyester. It is often used to create personalized clothing, table covers, banners, sportswear, flags, curtains, mug, plate, photo-rock, tumbler, and much more.

i-Tech Laminating Film helps to preserves and protect various kinds of certificates, materials, photographs, engineering machinery drawing. To make one not alter, defiled, and can keep color bright-colored for a long time. Laminating film comes in many sizes even in rolls that can be mounted in laminating machines. Laminating films can perfectly preserve photos, posters, art projects, important legal documents, menus, packages and more.

i-Tech Plain T-shirts and collared Polo Shirt

Introducing Assorted Colored i-Tech Polycotton T-Shirt in the Philippines. It’s available in different types and sizes. ITECH T-shirt is 65% cotton which is perfect for customizing shirts the same as a polo shirt. It’s also available in Dri-FIT fabric that suits for sports apparel. These t-shirts are casual wear and have been unisex used by both men and women.

I-tech  Round Neck  T-shirt and Dri-FIT Collared Polo Shirt. Dri-Fit is moisture-wicking clothing. 100% polyester material which is perfect for sports apparel. It moves sweat from the body to the outer side of the garment. You can work out and always feel dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking fabrics are a type of hi-tech fabrics that provides moisture control for an athlete’s skin.

The i-Tech honeycomb collared Polo shirt is versatile enough for any weather. This classic polo with a distinct honeycomb pattern is designed to fit in all sorts of events. Suited with a taste of sports and style, flexibility and comfort in any season. Perfect for shirt printing for your team, company, organization or any event.

i-Tech Stretch Fit Round Neck T-shirt is known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural fabric. Breathable to wear, stretchable but anti-wrinkle. It is good for heat transfer or silkscreen and sublimation, soft and comfortable to wear. Providing a comfortable foundation to build upon, the first layer is arguably the most important.

i-Tech Vinyl Heat Transfer Film

These kinds of materials are the most popular and in-demand in the market today. There are many types of i-Tech transfer film, PVC vinyl, glittered, hologram, metallic foil, flock, reflective, glow in the dark and printable vinyl that suited for your preferences. Cut-able or print & cut heat transfer vinyl applicable to any fabric.


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