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10 Cool Environment-Friendly T-Shirts

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Don’t get fooled by the words “Environment-friendly” T-Shirts. It’s certainly not made of clay or grass or leaves will be hanging from it, but special clothes that support greener Environment and the day that represents it. Get started with your own T-Shirts printing heat press printing business and boost the same.

Here we present 10 T-Shirts that support the cause for the environment on the Environmental Day.

Support not just the day but the whole cause.

Dedicate your every day to serve the environment.

With seven billion people the earth deserves to be taken care of.

Go green.

Earth is our mother that nurtured us, but now it should be taken care of, like a baby.

Save trees, save lives.

Let this words be fruitful.

Greenery should rule the world, NOT pollution.

Respect our roots.

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Love the Mother Earth.

These are some environment theme inspired designs for T-Shirts heat press printing to promote the cause.

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