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10 Best One-Liner Friends Tshirts For Every Fan

‘Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life’.

These few words have a very special place in our hearts. This is from the well-known American sitcom ‘Friends’. It is well-received and loved by people all over the world. It inspires the spirit of friendship and also serves as cool customized belongings. If you are a fan of friends, then gets your own t-shirt printing machine and get started with your set of friends-inspired t-shirts. Check out 10 cool ideas for the same.

1. Friends Pink T-Shirt

This one is ideal for girls who can’t compromise on fashion and their love for friends.

Friends Pink T-Shirt

2. Smelly Cat T-Shirt

It’s not the smelly cat’s fault that it is smelly. It is neither your fault for loving her unconditionally. So, wear it proudly!

Smelly Cat T-Shirt3. Everyone Knows It T-Shirt

It might seem like a confusing sentence for non-friends people, but ‘they don’t know, we know’ what it means!

T-Shirts Printing Machine4. Like Friends T-Shirt

This one inspires to take a valuable lesson from each of the 6 friends.
T-Shirts Printing Machine

5. I’ll Be There For You T-Shirt

The iconic title song still imprints on every fan mind and also on their lips.

T-Shirts Printing Machine6. Foodaholic Joey T-Shirt

It is a friendly reminder to everyone who might fancy a bite from Joey’s platter.

T-Shirts Printing Machine7. Rain Over Me T-Shirt

No, not the Pitbull featuring song, but the very well-know scene with everyone holding an umbrella from friends opening scene.

T-Shirts Printing Machine8. Bing T-Shirt

No one can beat chandler when it comes to sarcasm. Everyone knows it, including him!

T-Shirts Printing Machine9. How U Doing T-Shirt

People keep asking this to one another, but only the friend’s fan knows what it really means!!

T-Shirts Printing Machine10. Friends Collage-T-Shirt

Friends have so many iconic moments, it cannot be put in a single t-shirt. This is simply an attempt of the same

Bonus- OH MY GODDDDD!! T-shirt

Friends are incomplete without Janice, even if she is annoying. So, wear her proudly!

T-Shirts Printing Machine

Which one is your favourite? Don’t forget to tell us and get set go to have your t-shirt printing machine and a wardrobe full of friend themed t-shirts.

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